Monday, August 20, 2007

The Dragon Fish - NS. Story

There are many myths and beliefs with The Dragon Fish in this region. Many (including myself) thinks that The Dragon Fish can bring good luck and wealth to the owner. There was a story about a guy who keep a Dragon Fish for 4-years and when he was enlisted to the National Service, he left his Dragon Fish caring to his family. On day during his training, he was involve in a serious accident and was unconscious for many weeks. On day, he awake from coma and the first thing he asked his family was how his dragon fish was doing. His family assure him that the dragon fish is ok when their left home that day to visit him.

But when his parents return home, they were shocked to see that the dragon fish has die. The boy had been faithful in caring for his Dragon fish and it repaid the kindness by sacrificing its own life to exchange for its owner.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Arowana eggs at Aquarama 2007

Imperial Arowana interview at Aquarama2007


Asian Arowana (Dragon Fish aka Scleropages formosus) taking a snack. This arowana is called Violet Fusion Super Red aka VFSR, and is one of the most expense topical fresh water fish in the world. They are now produce through captive breeding in fish farm under license.


Asian Arowana Eating Frog - video powered by Metacafe