Saturday, December 29, 2007

GoldFish - Breeding...Huh?

GoldFish SPAWN

I kept a feeder tank for temporary storing goldfishes for my dragon fish, but it was later taken over by my wife and kids with more goldfishes. [ I end up caring for the goldfishes as well, :) ] An interesting event happen on yesterday morning when I discover that one of the goldfish actually spawned. [ Not sure which one ] But the eggs are all over the filter element cause I have a power head and overflow filter system

Initially decide to wash them all away but later thought i might be interesting to keep some. So, I carefully use a plastic spoon and scoop them into a small container [ joy use that to catch "long kang" fish].

Great news, 4 fryes (or frys) actually hatched. Carefully scoop them up using a spoon again, into another container (microwavable type, lolx)


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