Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Dragon Fish - Update on scale drop

After 1mth of scale dropped, can see that the new scales are growing and shining soon.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Dragon Fish - Moving House - Part 3 - END

Finally, prepared 3 2ft tank of aged water and with the arrival of the 4ft tank/cabinet. I moved VFSR back to the tank after 2 days of cycling aged water. Again, too little transmore wasnt enough to knock out the fish. (Trying to be on the safe side, not putting too much transmore)

Resulted. Jumpy VFSR, drop scales.

I think this is from duration of stay in the temporary bluetub.

Right side...3 scales.

Put some yellow powder (solution) to heal the small wounds.

The scales will grow back in a few months, then a beautiful VFSR again.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Dragon Fish - Moving House - Part 2

It was quite a struggle for me to bag the VFSR!.Hai...

Transmore a little and try to feel if it is a bit less jumpy, well, it let me play with its tail etc... Thinking that it is ok, I lower the bag into the tank. To my surprise, still VFSR can jump, but in the tank, knock here and there for 3~4 times and have a hard time to bag it.

Well, it takes a while, but finally.

BTW, I brought a trolley ($49) to transport the fish as well...Then, in to the car and off to the new house and into the temporary blue tub.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Dragon-Fish: Moving your arowana - DIY

I'm going to move to my new house soon and will be undergoing a major project to move my Arowana. (18") This is going to the steps:

1. Using a temporary bluetub (2.5ftx2ft) and filter in new house 3~4days before the move to cycle the water. (Teabag)

2. During the day of moving, I brought a arowana bag to bag it. Trasmore to knock it out a little, so that its not so jumpy. Add 4x O2 tablets in to the bag.

3. Move the arowana to new house and slowly release in to the bluetub.

4. Move 4ft tank/cabinet to new house and repeat 1,2&3. (into 4ft tank ofcourse)

Sunday, April 20, 2008