Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Dragon-Fish: Moving your arowana - DIY

I'm going to move to my new house soon and will be undergoing a major project to move my Arowana. (18") This is going to the steps:

1. Using a temporary bluetub (2.5ftx2ft) and filter in new house 3~4days before the move to cycle the water. (Teabag)

2. During the day of moving, I brought a arowana bag to bag it. Trasmore to knock it out a little, so that its not so jumpy. Add 4x O2 tablets in to the bag.

3. Move the arowana to new house and slowly release in to the bluetub.

4. Move 4ft tank/cabinet to new house and repeat 1,2&3. (into 4ft tank ofcourse)

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